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Our Ts and Cs Definitions Contractor: 
Oak & Yew LTD including all staff employed directly and indirectly by the company.
Client – the individual or company that commissions works and accepts a quotation.
Quotation – written description of works, costs, site address and client details.
Contact – The agreement between the client and the contractor for the works specified on the quotation.Works – arboricultural practices that comply with British Standard 3998.
Quotations - All quotations are valid for three months only.
VAT will be charged at the current rate and will be displayed on all quotations and invoices. All quotes are without obligation.
The Agreement - By accepting any quotations, either in writing or verbally, the client enters into a contract with the contractor to complete the agreed works.
The contractor commits to completing all works to British Standard 3998 and to also leave all work sites clean and tidy although given the nature of the work some damage, in some circumstances, may be inevitable and unavoidable.The client accepts these terms and conditions by accepting a quotation and therefore commissioning works.
Cancellations and Alterations - In the event that an appointment must be cancelled, postponed or the specification of works changed, the client must give 72 hours notice or be subject to a charge of 50% of the value of the works to be completed.In the event that the client cancels the contract after the works have begun, the client will be subject to a charge of 75% of the value of the works to be completed.
Once the client has confirmed that that they are satisfied with the works, the contractor’s obligations end. If the agreed works cannot be completed to due to an unforeseen event outside the control of the contractor, the client will agree to postpone or annul the contractor.
The contractor reserves the right to cancel or postpone any works due to adverse weather conditions that would be deemed hazardous. 
If a quotation has been offered based on photo’s from the client, the contractor reserves the right to annul the agreement if the photo is not representative of the tree or trees in question.
Liability - The client is responsible for informing neighbours of proposed works to trees overhanging the client’s boundary and is responsible for any claims resulting from such works.
The contractor is not responsible for any damage to underground services and cables, unless discussed during quotation.
In the event that damage to property occurs through negligence or substandard practices by the contractor, the contractor will accept responsibility.
The company is responsible for obtaining all relevant council permissions for works at a charge of £50+VAT this will be paid prior to permission being applied for and will be removed from the final total of invoice.
The contractor does not take responsibility for providing relevant parking permits for any controlled parking zones, where a pay and display bay is not available within a suitable distance from work site. The client is responsible for the cost of any parking fines where a parking permit is not provided and an alternative space is not available.
The contractor is not responsible for any damage to property that may arise from working in adverse weather conditions.
The client is responsible for informing the contractor of any changes to the site from the time of quotation that may affect the planned processes. 
The contractor reserves the right to amend or annul the contact as a result of site changes.
The contractor has the right to subcontract all or part of the commissioned works but will still be subject to these terms and conditions.
The client is responsible for providing copies of any permissions obtained by the client relating to proposed works on restricted trees before the commencement of works.
The client is responsible for making arrangements with their tenants regarding providing access for the contractor. If a tenant or third party is not available to provide access as and when agreed, the client may incur a charge of 50% of the value of the proposed works.
Payment - Payment is due in full, 14 days after the invoice date. A charge of 10% per week may be applicable for late payment.
Payment must be made either by bank transfer or cheque and details are on invoice.
Stump grinding - The contractor is not responsible for any damage to underground series or cables unless discussed during quotation.All stumps will be removed to a depth of 300mm below the soil level immediately adjacent to the stump. 
Buttress roots will be included but not lateral roots extending away from the stump.
All debris, resulting from stump grinding, will be left on site in a clean and tidy manner.

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